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Nurses Recruitment

Nurse Recruitment for Kuwait, Nurse Recruitment for Saudi Arabia, Nurse Recruitment for Abu Dhabi, Nurse Recruitment for United Arab Emirate, Nurse Recruitment for Qatar Oil Company

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Nurses Recruitment at Qatar Petroleum Company

As a large company that has many workers, Qatar Petroleum has always held an evaluation and coordination in terms of health services regularly every year. On this occasion, the Qatar Oil company open job vacancy or do the recruitment for professional nurse who want to join them in position as nursing staff (28 July 2013).

The Human Resources Recruitment Section manages the recruitment process for the nurses from needs identification to job specification by selecting and interviewing selected candidates who apply to the current vacancies which list in their website. Working in Qatar is one of favorite destination for most of nursing staff who want to get nice salary in the Middle East, Especially in the private sector like Oil company.

Qatar Petroleum is dedicated to attract and hire the highest caliber of employees. They are offering many kind of benefit for the employees, including for nurses. There are three step you have to pass from recruitment section for the nursing staff ; your documents in accordance with the requirements of the job position, pass from interview either via telephone or face-to-face with QP recruiter, and then medical examination before joining Qatar Petroleum.

Education Requirements;
  • Registered Nurse or minimum 3 years certificated training or B.S.c in Nursing (Essential).
  • Additional professional qualification such as Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification (preferred).
  • ILS (Intermediate Life Support) (Essential)
  • Eligible for Qatar license to practice nursing (Essential).

Experience and Skills;
  • Minimum 3 years post registration experience (Essential).
  • Evidence of continued professional development (Essential).
  • Experience in acute care and or primary care (Essential).

Qatar Petroleum Recruitment will only accept CVs that are submitted through the online application process for advertised vacancies. Open this link (http://www.qp.qa/en/Homepage/Careers/Vacancies.aspx) by using internet explorer from your computer in order to submit your job application. Please note that only the nurses staff who selected in recruitment process (interviews) will be contacted.

Working in Qatar Petroleum company as a Nurse you will improve your career, big opportunity for you to become supervisor and get permanent position. Of course your salary will be increase after. Don't wait till job vacancy or recruitment for the nurses above close! send your resume now!

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Nurses Recruitment for Blooming Clinic Kuwait

Blooming Clinic is a private medical healthcare services in Hawali - Kuwait. Right now they need some female nursing staff to fill the vacancy starting from two days ago (17 July 2013). They doing a recruitment for the nurses who want to work as professional nurse to deliver international standards of excellence in Plastic Surgery and Dermatology.

The recruitment focus on the nursing staff who has experience and good skill in skin care procedure. But they are also open this job vacancy for general nurse who can perform modern technique in the wound dressing post surgery in order to providing quality, personal care to each patient, using the latest proven systems and treatment methods.

Bellow are some job description when you are pass from interview in nurses recruitment section ;

  • Instructing the theory and practice of aesthetics, including various skin care techniques in an interesting, clear and concise manner.
  • Contributing to the formulation of various education programs and modifying them as per students’ requirements.
  • Regularly attending teachers’ meetings and discussing methods to improve existing teaching methods while evaluating new ones.
  • Conducting demonstration and training for group of beauty therapists. Updating their skills by ensuring knowledge of biology needed for skin care training.
  • Evaluating each student’s progress through the generation of quarterly and annual reports based on esthetic skills and applications, to support recommendations for further student development.
  • Overseeing the preparation of standardized tests and insuring a professional method of dermatology basic training among trainees.

Blooming Clinic in Hawali - Kuwait looking for staff nurse with 7 to 10 years experienced working in hospital or public health center. They offer interesting salary for nurses and housing facility, including bonus for the nurses who get excellent mark due to perform professional care to the patients.

If you interest working in Kuwait, submit your resume and get the chances in the nurses recruitment above, Please send your CV to ; info@bloomingclinic.com.

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