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Nurses Recruitment

Nurse Recruitment for Kuwait, Nurse Recruitment for Saudi Arabia, Nurse Recruitment for Abu Dhabi, Nurse Recruitment for United Arab Emirate, Nurse Recruitment for Qatar Oil Company

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Recruitment Head Nurse For Military Hospital Abu Dhabi, UAE

HCL International has formed partnerships with healthcare clients across the globe, to offer healthcare professionals such as registered nurses, doctors and AHPs to find positions in the public and private sectors at some of the most exciting countries in the world. Recently, they held job recruitment for head nurse for Abu Dhabi Hospital to fill the following speciality ;
  • Emergency Room
  • Medical ward
  • Surgical department
  • Surgical Sub-specialities
  • Paediatrics
  • ICU and CCU head nurse.
Job description for head nurse :

Responsible for the Ward/Department Management and the direct supervision of nursing and health care assistant staff on assigned Ward/department leading to the provision of an efficient effective quality customer service.

Job qualification :
  • Must have 3 year Nursing qualification with at least 15 years post graduate working experience in a Hospital setting
  • The Nurses candidate has a valid current national licence
  • must have spent the last 5 years in a Charge Nurse/Sister role in the relevant department., with proven leadership skills
The nurses job vacancies for head nurse are preferable for nurses with Western experience. The hospital offer them with an attractive, tax-free salary (40k+) and benefits package include ;
  • Accommodation allowance
  • Children’s Education allowance
  • Family contracts
  • Utilities/Furniture allowance
  • Flights at the start and end of the contract
  • Annual leave
  • Annual flight home

The contract is initially for 2 years but then can be renewed annually, when they have nice performance and good job. The candidates will be expected to work 40-48 hours per week. All suitable candidates will be flown out to Abu Dhabi at the cost of the Hospital for a face to face interview. As your information, The interviews are scheduled to take place next month on February 17th 2010.

If you are interest with job vacancy above and like to work in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates, Middle East, please send your resume as soon as possible to nursing agencis Email : me@hcl-international.co.uk

Or send to this address :

Regus Al Bateen Business Centre - C6 Tower, 1st Floor
Bainunah St 34, PO Box : 113100 Abu Dhabi - UAE.

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