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Nurses Recruitment

Nurse Recruitment for Kuwait, Nurse Recruitment for Saudi Arabia, Nurse Recruitment for Abu Dhabi, Nurse Recruitment for United Arab Emirate, Nurse Recruitment for Qatar Oil Company

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Nursing Recruitment (Out Patient Nurse) at Al Zahra Medical Center, Dubai - UAE

Al Zahra Medical Center located in Dubai - United Arab Emirates (UAE) right now they held nursing recruitment for the nurses who want to work as staff nurse in out patient department. The Al Zahra Private Medical Centre was established in September 1993 as part of the health services network of the Gulf Medical Projects Company. They are one of healthcare services using modern technology and up-date skill in diagnostic center offers outpatient services in most major medical and surgical disciplines, as well as dentistry and family practice.

Career opportunity for this nursing recruitment session is to improve your experience in order to dealing with patient in outpatient unit, Patient care assignment may include; Neonate, Pediatric, Adolescent, Adult and Geriatric age groups. Provide safe, direct patient care utilizing the nursing process in the ambulatory setting.

Al Zahra Private Medical Centre was the first center of its kind in the area that offers complete medical facilities with the full back up and support of a major private hospital, the Al Zahra Private hospital in Sharjah. The implementation process will take place in a nursing recruitment online system, only the earlier application and meet the eligibility criteria will be contacted by the HRD to follow the interview test.

Benefit from the recruitment of nurses who work at Al Zahra Medical Center Dubai are :
  • Attractive tax-free salaries.
  • Medical Benefit as per the hospital policy.
  • 30 days annual paid leave for all Staff.
  • 10 days Public Holidays.
  • Children Education allowance (Consultants).
  • Subsidized cafeteria food for all staff.
  • Yearly air fare to home country and vice versa for Consultants and family (children 18 years and below).
  • Repatriation airline tickets.
  • Compensatory Off.
  • 10 days Public Holidays.
  • Free Malpractice Insurance.
  • Free transport for staff from Sharjah to Dubai Medical Centre and vice versa.
  • End of Service Benefits as per UAE law.

For this nursing recruitment, if you have MOH Dubai or DHA License is preferable. To submit apply for this job vacancy, you can open this link: Submit.

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Joba Vacancy for Nurse Manager, Ambulatory at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is a unique and unparalleled extension of US-based Cleveland Clinic’s model of care, specifically designed to address a range of complex and critical care requirements unique to the Abu Dhabi population. Recently they are opening job vacancy for the nurse who want fill the position as Nurse Manager, Ambulatory (Neurology/Pain).

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi uses the latest technology and a fully integrated electronic medical record (EMR) system. They has five Centers of Excellence in the following Institutes: Heart & Vascular, Neurological, Digestive Disease, Eye and Respiratory & Critical Care. Other healthcare facilities also available including Surgical Sub specialties, Medical Sub specialties, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Imaging, and Quality & Patient Safety.

The recruitment process in this job vacancy focus to the nurses who have minimum of two (2) years experience in a Senior Charge Nurse (S.C.N.) position. The nurse are required to be licensed by Health Authority - Abu Dhabi (HAAD) and to maintain an unrestricted home country license. Our recruitment teams will assist in the licensure application process. Nurses from some English speaking countries are exempt from taking the licensure examination.

Job description for position Nurse Manager is responsible for providing clinical supervision to assigned employees and coordinating unit/area clinical operations with other departmental disciplines to ensure that safe, effective and efficient patient care is provided.

Other requirement for the nurse who want to apply for this job are :
  • Minimum of six (6) years clinical experience in an appropriate and relevant healthcare setting post qualification is required
  • International accreditation experience is preferred
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Strong analytical and organizational skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Indication of progressive leadership, management and clinical positions is preferred
  • Ability to speak and write in English is required
  • Ability to speak and write in both English and Arabic is preferred

Educational requirements :
  • Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN) or equivalent qualification
  • Valid and current national nursing license is required
  • BLS certificate is required
  • Certificate of post graduate diploma in Nursing or Healthcare or Management or Administration field

The Nurse who are working at Cleveland Clinic they will get benefit such as accommodation and transportation allowances, an annual flight ticket, health insurance and generous annual leave packages. They are also offer opportunities for accredited continuing education for both attaining new skills and maintaining certification of existing competencies.

If you are qualified nurse and interest to work in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates you can submit your job application before 04 October 2016 by click this nurses recruitment link : Job Vacancy.

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Nurses Recruitment King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (KFSH&RC) in Jeddah, Kingdom Saudi Arabia recently hold recruitment for the nurses who want to join and work as staff nurse. They are looking for professional nurse who can work able to perform or demonstrates leadership competencies while in charge or acting as shift resource/team leader, Provides safe patient and family focused quality care utilizing the nursing process, and Contributes to the successful achievement of the Nursing Affairs strategic goals.

Essential responsibilities and duties for the nurse who are pass from recruitment process :

  • The nurse must provides total patient care as assigned according to the core standards of patient care and established policies and evidence based practices.
  • Demonstrates collaborative multi-disciplinary partnerships working towards the achievements of constant improvement in quality patient care. Acts as an advocate for patients and families. Participates through team working and collaborative partnerships in identifying and implementing solutions through evidence based practice or research to demonstrate improvements reflected at unit level. Identifies ideas that will improve the quality of patient care and issues that will negatively impact on patient care outcomes, using the professional practice framework.
  • Documents all relevant information correctly in every shift, appropriately and in a timely manner.
  • Contributes to the achievement of clinical quality outcome indicators and patient satisfaction. Leads unit based Performance Improvement activities as assigned. Contributes to special Projects / assignments linked to nursing strategic priorities and professional practice model.
  • Assists in promoting and sharing knowledge via mentorship in line with relevant research and evidence based practice.
  • Participates in new staff/nursing student orientation aimed at developing competence and performance. Assists in maintaining a suitable learning environment and acts as a preceptor/mentor in the supervision and teaching of nursing students and new staff to develop their competence.
  • Assumes accountability for assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating care as well as discharge planning for each patient.
  • Reports equipment failures, safety and security issues, and/or reduction of supply inventory to Head Nurse or designee
  • Serves on unit based and divisional councils as assigned/elected . Contributes to the development, implementation and evaluation of unit activities
  • Develops and sustains own knowledge, clinical skills and professional awareness and maintains a professional profile. Provides documented evidence of performance and maintenance of skills consistent with position.
  • Participates in the promotion and maintenance of effective communication and teamwork. Treats colleagues, patients, and visitors with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Demonstrates transcultural principles in nursing practice.
  • Follows all Hospital related policies and procedures.
  • Actively welcomes and provides support for new staff/students to the unit. Contributes to the retention of all staff to meet the unit specific turnover rate goal. Participates in retention activities.
  • Participates in patient education programs
  • Upholds the organizational values at all times.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

  • To submit your job application you can direct visit the career recruitment for the nurses by select menu location King Fahad Specialist Hospital & Research Center in Jeddah. So, don't miss opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia. Get your chance to apply the nurses recruitment that will be close on Saturday, 31 December 2016

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    Nurses Recruitment for Al-Omooma Hospital Kuwait

    Al Omooma Hospital is a specialized Maternity and Pediatric Hospital in Kuwait. The hospital located in Old Reggae area, in a very accessible location by the Fourth Ring road street. Recently they opening job vacancy for the specialist nurses who can work in NICU. The recruitment department announce that they need experience nursing who can handle job as NICU staff nurse.

    Al-Omooma hospital has a lot of modern equipment and senior Pediatric and Gynecology doctors who expert and professional in their job. Also they have many of nursing staff from so many countries such as Filipino nurse, India nurse, Egyptian nurse and European nurse, including special Midwife in labor or delivery room. Most of them join by local recruitment, but also some nursing staff came direct from their country by calling visa after they pass from outside recruitment test by HRD group of Omooma hospital.

    Job description for NICU nurse :

    • Provide immediate care to patients on an individual basis, critical care to premature and sick newborns.
    • Assist the physicians during examination and treatment.
    • Recording all care information accurately and concisely, general vital sign, etc.
    • Able to monitor and adjust incubators, ventilators and other specialized equipment on a constant basis.

    Requirements for this position :
    • Nurse with Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
    • Minimal 2 Years expeience in NICU department.
    • Speaking English, and understand Arabic preferred.

    If you interest to the job vacancy above, Please contact this email as soon as possible : info@alomoomahospital.com. Only those have matching requirement will get contact from recruitment staff of Al-Omooma Hospital.

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    Nurses Recruitment for King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (KFSHRC) Saudi Arabia

    Recently King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (KFSHRC) opening job vacancy for the nurses who want to work in Saudi Arabia. The Human Resource Management of this hospital say that, They are constantly in need of additional nursing staff to increase healthcare services for the patients. The nurses recruitment focus on the lookout for qualified candidates across all specialties, especially those interested in exploring opportunities at nursing career.

    King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre is a tertiary care, state of the art Hospital situated in the cities of Riyadh and Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and accredited by the Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA). They have so many doctors and nursing staff from around the world which has skill and experience in their profession before join the KFSHRC by local or outsite recruitment. This is big hospital in Saudi Arabia, one of the national referral of sub-specialties for Oncology, Organ Transplantation, Cardiovascular Diseases, Neurosciences and Genetic Diseases with postgraduate education programs that support both Residency and Fellowship Training.

    • Current opening job vacancies are : MATERNAL CHILD NURSING ; Infertility Clinic
    • CARDIOVASCULAR NURSING; CSICU, Cardiac Cath Lab, Cardiology Lab
    • SURGICAL NURSING; General Surgery, Orthopedics & Plastic Surgery, Solid Organ Transplant Unit, Radiation Therapy, Urology, Gastroenterology
    • ONCOLOGY NURSING; Hematology, Neuroscience, Medical/Oncology, Palliative and Radiation Therapy
    • AMBULATORY CARE NURSING; Nurses Protocol Clinic, Nurses Orthopedics Clinic, Hemodialysis Nurse, Endoscopy Nurse, Radiology Services
    • HEAD NURSE; Specialist ward, OutPatient Treatment Area, Hemodialysis and Cardiology
    • CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR; Nursing Development and Saudization(Peds).

    Benefits working as nursing staff in King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSHRC)
    • You will receive 36 days annual leave and a minimum of 18 days holiday per year for a total of 54 vacation days per year
    • You will be entitled to a free round-trip annual leave ticket to your point of origin.
    • You will get free Hospital housing or a housing allowance (some restrictions apply).
    • If you perform professional work, yearly bonus for you equal to one month's salary.
    • End some other benefits such as training skill to improve your self in field of nursing career.

    For the nurses who want to join and work in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia, you can apply and submit your resume to the "careersinnursing@kfshrc.edu.sa". Don't miss your chances in nurses recruitment session form King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre.

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    Nurses Recruitment at Qatar Petroleum Company

    As a large company that has many workers, Qatar Petroleum has always held an evaluation and coordination in terms of health services regularly every year. On this occasion, the Qatar Oil company open job vacancy or do the recruitment for professional nurse who want to join them in position as nursing staff (28 July 2013).

    The Human Resources Recruitment Section manages the recruitment process for the nurses from needs identification to job specification by selecting and interviewing selected candidates who apply to the current vacancies which list in their website. Working in Qatar is one of favorite destination for most of nursing staff who want to get nice salary in the Middle East, Especially in the private sector like Oil company.

    Qatar Petroleum is dedicated to attract and hire the highest caliber of employees. They are offering many kind of benefit for the employees, including for nurses. There are three step you have to pass from recruitment section for the nursing staff ; your documents in accordance with the requirements of the job position, pass from interview either via telephone or face-to-face with QP recruiter, and then medical examination before joining Qatar Petroleum.

    Education Requirements;
    • Registered Nurse or minimum 3 years certificated training or B.S.c in Nursing (Essential).
    • Additional professional qualification such as Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification (preferred).
    • ILS (Intermediate Life Support) (Essential)
    • Eligible for Qatar license to practice nursing (Essential).

    Experience and Skills;
    • Minimum 3 years post registration experience (Essential).
    • Evidence of continued professional development (Essential).
    • Experience in acute care and or primary care (Essential).

    Qatar Petroleum Recruitment will only accept CVs that are submitted through the online application process for advertised vacancies. Open this link (http://www.qp.qa/en/Homepage/Careers/Vacancies.aspx) by using internet explorer from your computer in order to submit your job application. Please note that only the nurses staff who selected in recruitment process (interviews) will be contacted.

    Working in Qatar Petroleum company as a Nurse you will improve your career, big opportunity for you to become supervisor and get permanent position. Of course your salary will be increase after. Don't wait till job vacancy or recruitment for the nurses above close! send your resume now!

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    Nurses Recruitment for Blooming Clinic Kuwait

    Blooming Clinic is a private medical healthcare services in Hawali - Kuwait. Right now they need some female nursing staff to fill the vacancy starting from two days ago (17 July 2013). They doing a recruitment for the nurses who want to work as professional nurse to deliver international standards of excellence in Plastic Surgery and Dermatology.

    The recruitment focus on the nursing staff who has experience and good skill in skin care procedure. But they are also open this job vacancy for general nurse who can perform modern technique in the wound dressing post surgery in order to providing quality, personal care to each patient, using the latest proven systems and treatment methods.

    Bellow are some job description when you are pass from interview in nurses recruitment section ;

    • Instructing the theory and practice of aesthetics, including various skin care techniques in an interesting, clear and concise manner.
    • Contributing to the formulation of various education programs and modifying them as per students’ requirements.
    • Regularly attending teachers’ meetings and discussing methods to improve existing teaching methods while evaluating new ones.
    • Conducting demonstration and training for group of beauty therapists. Updating their skills by ensuring knowledge of biology needed for skin care training.
    • Evaluating each student’s progress through the generation of quarterly and annual reports based on esthetic skills and applications, to support recommendations for further student development.
    • Overseeing the preparation of standardized tests and insuring a professional method of dermatology basic training among trainees.

    Blooming Clinic in Hawali - Kuwait looking for staff nurse with 7 to 10 years experienced working in hospital or public health center. They offer interesting salary for nurses and housing facility, including bonus for the nurses who get excellent mark due to perform professional care to the patients.

    If you interest working in Kuwait, submit your resume and get the chances in the nurses recruitment above, Please send your CV to ; info@bloomingclinic.com.

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