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Nurses Recruitment

Nurse Recruitment for Kuwait, Nurse Recruitment for Saudi Arabia, Nurse Recruitment for Abu Dhabi, Nurse Recruitment for United Arab Emirate, Nurse Recruitment for Qatar Oil Company

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Nurses Vacancies in Tawam Hospital Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Tawam Hospital is a Ministry of Health Hospital built in 1979. The hospital started as 227 bed referral/acute care general hospital serving the national population, but now beds are increased around 477. Tawam Hospital, the region's leading medical institution in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, and Royal Philips Electronics announced that the hospital has become a regional reference site for the agency.

In addition to providing excellent care for patients, Tawam Hospital trains appropriately educated nationals for administrative, professional and technical positions. There are continuing education programs and specific training programs for nationals in various technologies. Right now, the Tawam Hospital, - Johns Hopkins Medicine, Al Ain - UAE is looking for : Senior Clinical Auditor (Case Management Experience preferred).

  • Job Qualifications :
    1. Must have Diploma in Nursing
    2. Preferably with Masters Degree or Post Graduate qualification in Health Management or Business Administration
    3. Must have a Certificate in Clinical Auditing

  • Critical Position For Nurses Job
    1. Clinical Resource Nurse - ICU
    2. Senior Charge Nurse - Operating Room
    3. Senior Charge Nurse - Peadiatric Surgical Unit
    4. Senior Charge Nurse - PICU
    5. Charge Nurse – PICU
    6. Senior Charge Nurse - Female Surgical Unit
    7. Senior Charge Nurses - Surgical
    8. Child Life Specialists
      Bachelor Degree in Child Life Required or Degree (Childhood Development, Early Childhood Education, Recreational Therapy, Psychology, Related Degree) and also Clinical experience essential
    9. Clinical Resource Nurse - Medical
    Applicants for the Senior Staff Nurse positions must have a minimum of 4 years post graduate experience on one of the mentioned specialties.

    If You match one of job vacancy above, Please read and follow ALL points :
    1. Prepare and send your CV According to our Guideline, Read Guidelines For Writing Your CV
    2. Download Nursing Application Form (.Doc Format)
    3. Nursing & Midwifery Transcripts together with Marks List & Exam results are required with each application.
    4. Select to download the Nursing Skills CheckList Form according to your speciality from the following Links :

      CSSD, Dialysis, Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit, I.V Therapy, Maternity Services SSN / Midwife, Maternity Services Staff, NurseMedical/Surgical, NICU & SCBU, Operating Room, Paediatrics, Polyclinic, Radiation Oncology, Radiology Nursing and SMU

    5. Send all (CV, Nursing Application Form and CheckList Form) by the E-mail:
      jking@tawam-hosp.gov.ae or recsec@tawam-hosp.gov.ae
    6. You can also send your application by Air Mail to the following Address: Tawam Hospital : Recruitment Section, P.O. Box 15258, Fax No.: 00971 3 7671 228, Al Ain - Abu Dhabi, UAE

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